How to apply: If parents wish to enroll their child in the school, they should apply to the Principal in the form supplied along with this prospectus. The form should be detached from the prospectus, completed and submitted to the school office. Incomplete forms will not be accepted.

Age of Children Admitted
Age of children who are admitted to school at the beginning of the academic year, 1st June should be as follows:-
LKG : 3 1/2 Years plus

UKG : 4 1/2 Years plus
Class 1 : 5 1/2 Years plus
Other Classes: Commensurate with the class/level.
Before admission to classes other than LKG every new child will be required to attend a language proficiency test. Admission procedure should be completed on the date prescribed by the school.
Criteria for admission

  1. Pass in the language test and interview.
  2. Age commensurate with the class to which admission is sought. Over age student will not be conceded.
  3. General conduct and behavior/discipline.
  4. Preference for brother/sister of a student already in the school.
  5. Production of valid documents like TC, CCE/Progress Report, Birth certificate, etc.