AL FALAH English School promotes moral and academic excellence in a caring and lively environment, providing opportunities for realization of the potential of children to the full. The school offers a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum while maintaining a strong ethos that integrates value education.
The learning experiences provided by the school are carried out in an atmosphere of love and respect for everyone in the society. It also fosters a learning environment which reinforces the concepts of self-discipline, human values and the acceptance of personal responsibility. In its convivial atmosphere, important life-long attitudes toward school, learning and life itself are established.

The campus, spread over 3 acres of land, accommodates library, science & computer laboratories, playgrounds, recreation facilities and a community Hall.

A wide range of activities aimed at the all-round development of each child takes place in the school. They include elocution, recitation, coloring, painting, drawing, quiz, dramatics, debating, athletics, picnics and exhibitions.

These activities foster the spirit of participation, leadership and healthy competition, and the development of sterling character. Every effort is made to promote reading habits among the students. The school maintains a well-stocked library with over 5000 books. The library subcribes to 15 periodicals and multiple copies of 5 newspapers.The library also provides facility for net browsing.